Saturday, 11 October 2008

For fast results, try sewing

One morning, £3.45 (for a cushion pad - everything else came from the cupboard). Reverse applique following instructions in this book, which is excellent (possible nepotism alert - although unlike my mother I've never actually met the author. And praising a book by someone fairly distantly related is not exactly trying to get one's sister's ex-husband sacked, is it?)

Close-up of the print:
It came from Shaukat, and may or may not be Liberty. The printing has their clarity, but the fabric is just a little thinker than Tana lawn, but not as thick as Country Cotton. I bought three metres, and still have nearly all of it left. I would make a circular skirt with it (there are instructions in the book mentioned above), but the background beige is one of the colours that I should never ever wear.

Photographing sewing projects is as difficult as photographing knitting projects. Fortunately, I tidied up the ottoman in the bedroom yesterday, and Chris hoovered the floor this morning.


Silas said...

That is a lovely print. I'm almost tempted to ask you to send me some that I can hem and use as a city map for the role-playing game I'm trying to get together...

Ruth Singer said...

yay! nice cushion! and a lovely print indeed.
I might have to go and see if they have any more.

*ps surely we have met, but we were a bit wee to remember!*

Anonymous said...

Lovely print - it does indeed look very like a map.

I should think a skirt of that would be fine as long as you wore a different colour next to your face - dull green might work.


Vivienne said...

It doesn't actually function terribly well as a map, because the repeat distance is relatively small.

I'm thinking of making pillowcases with the rest. I've been thinking about it for quite some time (and after yesterday's little 'episode' with the sewing machine, I might just do it). Part of my ongoing plan to break away from the tyranny of matching duvet-cover and pillowcase sets (most of the plan consists of looking for 100% cotton sheeting online and discovering that unlike its polycotton cousin, it comes in white or cream. The answer I think is dye.)