Friday, 3 October 2008


We turned the heating on last night. I still need to wear a jumper in the house, but only one. And after all, I can't knit when I'm wearing so many layers that my elbows don't bend.

Pedantry Corner

According to the new Lakeland catalogue, the Ancient Greeks called chocolate the food of the gods. I didn't think even the crystal skulls school of archaeology has Ancient Greeks in South America, but you live and learn.

And the parish magazine has an article by someone who has just been on a Bible course, with the interesting fact that the Bible was translated from Greek into Hebrew. I think I would be seeking a refund from the tutor.

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Anonymous said...

Te absolvo. It is horribly cold. I am very glad we had the boiler done last week rather than this (three days with no hot water. Not fun.)

I wonder what else they learnt on that bible course?