Thursday, 2 October 2008

Day Two

I nearly cracked earlier, when my feet turned into little blocks of ice. Then I realised that I was still wearing my thin work socks (that fit into smart shoes). I changed into woolly socks, and felt better.

Not much better. I checked the thermometer. In the sitting room it is 14ºC (somewhere around 58ºF for the Americans). The dining room (where the computer lives) is marginally warmer, at 15ºC, or 59ºF. If I turned the heating on the whole house would become toasty warm in less than 15 minutes. It's terribly tempting.

Or I might just find the hot water bottle and go to bed.


Silas said...

Do something that works the computer hard. Anything from this century will become a remarkably effective space heater when you do that.

Meanwhile, today I was enjoying a pleasant late August day. The only catch being that it's October...

Gill said...

It's a lot easier resisting temptation when your heating doesn't work very well.