Sunday, 2 November 2008

If I show you my knitting will you pretend I haven't been neglecting you?

It's an as-yet unblocked Adamas shawl (brilliant pattern, like all Miriam Felton's, and free too), in Dream in Color Baby in Purple Aurora, one skein, bought here. I don't tend to knit patterns again (this is not because I am a Superior Person, but because I can be very butterfly-like, always looking for something new and whizzy) but I think I would with this. I'd definitely use the yarn again.

Like all unblocked lace, it looks bedraggled, especially around the edges (but the second picture is closer to the true colour).
I would like to have it blocked by next weekend, if I can find a bit (or quite a lot - one skein goes a very long way) of floor. Meanwhile, I shall be getting to grips with my new toy (details forthcoming) and idly speculating on the next Doctor Who. I would like Rufus Sewell, but only in drag (like the updated 'Taming of the Shrew' he did with Shirley Henderson a few years ago). Just as long as it's not Alan Davies or James Nesbitt.

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Kendra said...

ooh, I've been considering doing that pattern. I'll have to give it a shot with DIC Baby.

But first I should probably do that stole I've been planning with the DIC Smooshy and the cardigan with the DIC Classy ...

And not to mention all the other stuff I've been planning with various other yarns, or the projects I've already started but haven't really been working on.. ... heh. :)

I wanna see the final blocked end result!