Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Knitting one garment to the pattern of another

I didn't just spend the Easter weekend moaning about the weather. I also invented a new game, based on that old favourite from I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue, 'Sing One Song to the Tune of Another'.

This is at one and the same time a baby Cobblestone and a February Baby Sweater from Elizabeth Zimmermann's 'Knitter's Almanac'. I saw a new yarn, you see, when I was in John Lewis. It is Twilley's Sincere, an organic cotton double knitting, and I used just a smudge over two balls. I bought 4, not knowing what I wanted to knit other than a top for the impending niecephew, but in the queue for the bus home I suddenly thought "Cobblestone!". ( I may even have shouted "Cobblestone!". It helps deter other passengers from sitting next to me). But Cobblestone is knitted in an aran weight and sized for adult men, whereas I had a double knitting and a baby to knit for. A Proper Knitter might have sat down with a calculator at this point, and swatched and sketched and worked it all out properly. Me, I just thought what the salient features of Cobbestone were (garter stitch circular yoke, garter stitch bands, and those garter stitch stripes from armpit to hem), and tried to remember what they reminded me of. Somewhere around Acle I thought of the February Sweater, which shares the circular yoke, and wondered if it could be modified to suit. Six days later, I found out.

My modifications (from the February Sweater)
  • Used DK rather than sportweight, on appropriately sized needles (4mm) for the yarn I had. This makes a slightly larger sweater, but babies grow, and better a loose sweater this summer and a cropped jacket next than a tiny little thing that gets worn once before it's grown out of.
  • Did not use lace pattern, but knitted mainly stocking stitch, with an 8-stitch wide panel of garter under each arm.
  • Like so many before me, made the sweater entirely seamless by knitting the sleeves in the round.
  • Only did 3 buttonholes.
I hope Jared doesn't mind.

ETA It isn't lopsided really, whatever the photos look like. It was quite windy out there, I was having enough trouble keeping it from blowing into next door's garden, I couldn't keep the fronts straight.

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jeanfromcornwall said...

I thought you didn't like matinee jackets!

Three buttons + circular yoke = matinee jacket.

Seriously, well done with the modifications - you have become an opinionated knitter at a stage when I was still chained to printed patterns.