Saturday, 3 November 2007


The air is hideous with myriad explosions. It's nearly bonfire night, and I am feeling extremely curmudgeonly about it all, mostly because I have a streaming cold, which seems to have entirely removed any enthusiasm I might have felt for anything at all. I want to cast something on, but I promised myself not to do so until I have finished the pomatomi. I got quite a lot done on the second one this morning, while lying on the sofa Being Ill and watching Doctor Who DVDs, but I didn't manage to photograph them because it was one of those grey November days when it never actually seems to get light. I then went out in the afternoon on a hunt for Drapolene to anoint my sore nose with. I went in 7 chemists and only one had a space on the shelf for it (empty). Obviously the universe is not happy unless I have a fruitless quest to be engaged in, but couldn't it be for something more exciting, like an Artefact of Doom, or a Lost Manuscript, instead of nappy rash ointment?

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Helen said...

If you get those Balsam tissues from Kleenex, you don't need Drapolene. They make your nose lovely and soft. The Boots imitations are no substitute, you have to fork out for the Kleenex. The pomatomi look fab; I found it one of the few lace patterns that I could see what I was meant to do without having to keep looking at the pattern. Not that I actually knitted a whole sock, of course.