Sunday, 18 May 2008

Sunday Round-Up

After Wednesday's somewhat disingenuous post, I can report that the Adipose (Adipodes?) seem safe. I don't have anything as solid as a link yet (except a Ravelry link, and I think most of my readers aren't yet on Ravelry, whilst those who are can go look for themselves), but I am having great fun imagining an exchange of e-mails between the part of the BBC that actually makes Doctor Who, and the part that sends out legalistic threatening messages, since like most large organisations, internal communication will not be all they might. Something along the lines of "why are you harassing the fans? We like the fans, don't harass them. And Russell T Davies likes the knitted Adipose and wants one for himself. So there."

It grows.
These are baby redcurrants. At least, I hope they are. The bushes were definitely given to us as redcurrant bushes.
These are baby tomatoes, so all my hard work with the soft paintbrush ain't been in vain for nothing, and I should probably start looking for the bottle of Tomorite I know lurks in the shed somewhere.

What knitting? Oh yeah, that I thing I do with the sticks and the string. Having discovered that Chris's first completed Ringwood Stitch sock weighed just slightly more than the remaining yarn, I ordered another skein. Now that's arrived I'm plodding on with the second sock. I'm also attaching an edging to the border of the Gothic Hap shawl, which is not the most exciting task in the world, but it slowly gets there. There are a couple of projects I'm itching to cast on, but I refuse to crack until at least one and preferably both of the above-mentioned are finished.

And finally, the weather
Which was dank and gloomy and bone-chillingly cold as only May can be for several days this week, but which is beginning to cheer up. To suit the general gloom, I appear to have developed a very unseasonal case of bronchitis. I can't really blame it on the weather, can I?


jeanfromcornwall said...

You've got more tomatoes than your Dad.

Vivienne said...

That's because I am a qualified paintbrush wielder (GCSE in Art - Drawing and Painting, 1995).