Wednesday, 14 May 2008

So should I knit or not?

Who would have thought that the most illegal thing I've ever done could turn out to be knitting a soft toy. Twice.
But the Adipose are not just cute smiley blobs of fat. They're minor celebrities now, all over the Beeb and the Times this morning (Mum, before you point out that the Times' picture shows a crochet version, the picture in the paper was better). I kept my print-out of the pattern, and I was thinking of knitting another one, but are the police going to turn up and demand that I hand over the double pointed needles?

Dear BBC, you mess with the pointy-sticked community at your peril. It's a fight for freedom of stitching, and you'll only end up looking rather silly - unless of course you already have.


Silas said...

Welcome to *punk. Over there is cypherpunk. You can't make any meaningful contribution to that if you're in the US, since it's illegal to export good crypto from there. That Nordic corner is DVDpunk, and they tend towards t-shirts with strings of numbers on them, claiming them to be illegal.

Knitpunk is over here. We have spare double-pointed needles, good circulars, and oodles of sock yarn.

As an aside, I've started knitting myself. Not picked anything to knit yet, but I quite enjoy it. Sort of hypnotic.

knititch said...

that is fun. i understand your amazement by knitting such things but they are quite cute.