Wednesday, 9 January 2008


I'm going for really exciting titles at the moment, as you can tell.

My life has been quite exciting enough today. Pretty much the first thing I did after getting into work was get hit on the head by an inanimate object, which started hours of fun with first aiders, report forms, and even a trip to the surgery to get a medical professional to shine a light into my eyes to confirm that I was not concussed, just quite understandably shocked. No wonder the public sector is accused of being health and safety obsessed - but on the other hand, people shouldn't really be getting hit on the head at work, and all these forms are in fact documenting that that the incident has been investigated and steps take to make sure nobody else gets hit on the head. By a metal toilet roll holder, if you really want to know. So glamorous.

Natalie has reminded me that her Buy a Friend a Book draw is still open. I spent quite some time debating whether I should enter, as someone who is Not Buying Books, before deciding that given today, I was highly unlikely to be drawn, so could quite safely enter. I also wished that I had got myself organised a little sooner to run my own draw. Next time, I promise (and I don't make promises lightly).

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