Sunday, 6 January 2008


I'm feeling slightly less than inspired today. I don't even have gigantic parsnips to blog about (I did have a parsnip roasted with my lunch, but it was entirely unremarkable in size and shape).

I finished Gretel on Friday evening (I might have finished it a little sooner if it had not had the magical effect of causing the telephone to ring every time I picked it up), and blocked it yesterday. Although it's lovely, I'm a little nervous of wearing it as yet. I made the 'slouchy' size and it is, as the name suggests, on the large side. It seem silly that I should suddenly become nervous of looking silly in a hat; I've been looking silly in hats for years. I think the answer is to keep it handy until a cold day dawns with no other suitable hat to wear, and I shall just put it on and go. I also intend to make another in the 'regular' size, to go with one of my other coats.

Perhaps it is Chris's scarf that is disinspiring me. I looked at various cabled patters, but none were quite right, so I've ended up working 35 stitches in a stitch I have seen named as "Farrow Rib", "Seeded Rib", "Mistake Rib" and "Broken Rib". It looks like corrugated iron to me. I used it for a scarf for myself a few years ago, that is no full of holes from being caught in doors and on fences, and I love it for the way it stretches and moulds itself to the neck. It has to be said that it is not the most exciting stitch to knit, however, and there's a very long way to go before this will be done.

The yarn (Classic Elite 'Kelso', bought from Texere) is very scratchy at the moment. Not in the Herdwick league, but enough to make it a little bit of a chore to knit. It softens immensely on washing, so I have no fears for Chris's neck, but my fingers are feeling it. Time to push on. Fortunately there's a lot of promising television this week, including the return of 'Time Team' tonight, and even more next week ('Torchwood' is back!), which will help.


Helen said...

I knitted a scarf in Mistake Rib once, and I don't think I could do another one. I had to keep checking to see if I'd got it right and although I usually had, I never felt happy about it. But it is a good stitch.

Silas said...

I'm on US TV now, of course... lots of National Geographic channel, and Discovery Channel. No Time Team, sadly, but oodles of Mythbusters and How It's Made, along with the Dog Whisperer, which is mostly notable for how incredibly badly the dog owners have done. The Mexican guy doing the rehabilitation of dogs and training of owners (his phrasing) isn't doing anything I wouldn't be doing...