Saturday, 24 November 2007

Work in Progress Report

I'll start by offering a blanket apology for the appalling quality of my photography at this time of year. Sometime around next April we may start getting a little daylight again, and I'll be able to take pictures that bear some resemblance to the objects they are allegedly of, but it's quite a while to wait.

I assume the sun has risen today, but it's hard to say for certain. What we do have is that special East Coast wind that gets through every layer of clothing and chills from the bones outwards. Even brick walls are little defence, but fortunately I have Ravelry to cheer me up (and eat my life, but I already knew that was going to happen).

Right. Knitting. From the top, we have The Big Heap of Red Fuzz, otherwise known as the Skater's Overtop from Veronik Avery's 'Knitting Classic Style'. It's lacy, but you can't tell, and I couldn't get a picture of its laciness without sending stitches worryingly near the points of my needles. It progresses slowly, because the times when I feel equal to knitting a dark colour of Kidsilk Haze are few and far between in the average week.

At the bottom we have a scarf called 'Shag' (America and Britain really are two countries divided by a common tongue, and I giggle every time I pick it up). It comes from 'Knitting New Scarves' by Lynne Barr, and is a very easy knit (and mystifying to the onlooker). I am using up a very nearly complete ball of Debbie Bliss 'Maya', and have no idea what length it will end up.

On the left are socks I am calling Marbled. They are from the Opal Handpaint previously mentioned, in a pattern excitingly called 'Wide-ribbed socks in 3-ply' from an ancient Patons booklet called 'Socks for Men' (which does exactly what it says on the tin. They really believed in utilitarian naming back then). I like the way the yarn is pooling, reminding me of marbled endpapers on old books.

I am also passing the time by photographing balls of wool. My life is just so exciting. At least it has a good soundtrack.

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