Friday, 23 November 2007

Officially an Evil Temptress

I am not responsible for any acts of folly committed by others on the Colinette site, Mooncalf and L.

Nor am I responsible for any consequences attendant upon listening to Katherine Whitehorn's memoirs while supposedly working. All I can say is, "my IT department removed Realplayer from all our PCs years ago".

On the other hand, I am as prey to temptation as anyone. Which is why I have a new favourite album, thanks to Knititch's recommendation of Rufus Wainwright. 'Release the Stars' was half price in Borders, and is such a source of joy that I can forgive my new purple tights for laddering on their first wear, and my pretty shoes for being not quite as comfortable as I thought (although still more comfortable than many a pair of heels).


knititch said...

thank you for the tip on the endless steppe. 3 of jean's readers has addressed me on the subject. that is so much fun. and i will get the book again some 35 years later.
glad you got rufus wainwright. he is lovely.

Helen said...

You should try Rufus's dad too, Loudon Wainwright III. Album Vol 2 is probably my fave (and it has Samson and the Warden, great song) but One Man Guy is a good Best Of at a very reasonable price. Oh dear, the mention of his name has started me singing, not a pretty sound.