Tuesday, 9 October 2007

When things don't go so well

My mind is a seething morass of things to do, none of which seem to be achievable tonight. Tomorrow night is going to be awful; I need to wash my hair, pack, cook, wash up, change my mind about what clothes I'm taking, make a shopping list for Chris, panic, lose several vital items, and generally make everyone's life horrible. I'm already well ahead on the making life horrible for bystanders bit; shame none of the other stuff seems to be moveable to tonight.

And what has not improved my temper is losing the last two nights' worth of knitting, to wit: one turned sock heel. I'd happily picked up stitches around the flap and was knitting my first round, when bang! Pop! A stitch fell off the needle and laddered. Unfortunately it wasn't just any stitch, it was an edge stitch and as it fell the heel disintegrated in front of my eyes. If I hadn't been so tired I might have saved it, but all I could get were random loops that bore no relationship to stitches, so I pulled the needles out and ripped all the way back to the start of the flap. Then I went and looked for something to kick.

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Jean from Cornwall said...

There's no answer to that situation, when you are too far away to shout "Muuum"