Thursday, 4 October 2007

A sigh of relief

As the post strike kicks in, I was relieved to find an envelope containing the above on my doormat this evening, as well as an answering machine message from Mum to tell em her copies had arrived too. We've been a bit worried, you see, having been all efficient and ordered our show-guides in advance, that they wouldn't arrive in time. Deliveries resume next Thursday, and I'll be leaving for Surrey at an unearthly hour that morning, far too early for any chance of post.

So, having paused only to convert some rhubarb into khaki sludge (it will taste lovely but it isn't the most appealing of desserts to look at, unlike the forced stuff in January), I opened the pink guide, which seems to be a new innovation. My previous show guides are one volume efforts, with a mix of articles (as in the one with the flash cover) and listings for exhibitors and the all important map showing where the loos are. This year the listings and map have been put into a separate volume on ordinary paper, not magazine-style glossy, all the better for scribbling on with different coloured marker pens. Which I shall be doing, believe me. Once I've stopped hyperventilating at at the thought of Habu, quiviut, Jamieson's, Fyberspates, Shilasdair, Texere, and my two favourite shops, Get Knitted and Kangaroo. Plus all the other suppliers that I'm only not excited about because I haven't seen them yet. I shall be dreaming of yarn tonight, I know.

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