Friday, 5 October 2007

Sewing a fine seam

Even if I do say so myself. That is still unblocked, by the way, and if it wasn't for the length of ribbing with a flat seam (see, Mum, I managed it this time) it would be completely invisible. That is backstitch by the way. I can do mattress stitch, and I know a lot of people swear by it, but backstitch is stronger, and I'm not particularly gentle to my clothes. But like the mattress stitch club, I do think seams should match row for row, and it takes a little more effort to achieve that with backstitch, so I am quite a slow finisher.

And here I am setting in a sleeve, using cheapo plastic hairclips to hold the work together. (I have heard of Knit Klips, but they seemed awfully expensive, and while I am prepared to spend quite a lot on my pastimes, I prefer to splash out on the more obvious things, like better yarn). UK readers of Simply Knitting may recognise the technique from the letters page a few months ago. That was Mum, and if the publishers could get around to sending her the "gift for every letter published" that they still haven't, we'd both be rather relieved, and I could stop feeling vaguely guilty every time I buy it. I like the hairclips, they are shorter than pins, allow the work to flex more, and are far less likely to leap out and stab me, or, worse still, wait in the carpet for my unsuspecting barefooted husband who still hasn't learned that any house containing me should be treated with extreme caution, and slippers should be worn at all times.

I'm now off to see if any needle-wielding nurses can be persuaded to relieve me of very nearly an armful of the finest O Positive. It's been over three years since I last donated, for good and valid reasons, and I'm looking forward to it.


Anonymous said...

Ha. I am still trying to convince Martin that a floor full of pins is completely natural, and not something one should get worked up about. I can't even feel it when I tread on them.

And if you thought knitting was bad for pins, you should try pillow lace.


Jean from Cornwall said...

Beautifully done!
And thanks for getting the little dig in for me.