Friday, 21 September 2007

Season of mists and rotting apples covering the lawn

At the moment I find myself consulting my diary constantly, due to the current deranged state of my working life (I cover quite a lot of holidays for people, and at the moment they're all off at once). This is how I know that today is the official first day of Autumn.

I had been working up a post on an autumnal theme, in which I described how cold the nights are getting, and how the dark green trees are beginning to have that first bronze haze that signals glories to come. I would have told you how much I rejoice in the morning when I first see my breath as I walk to work and I realise that it's opaque tights and trousers for the next five months, and I can stop worrying about having pallid hairy legs for another year, and dig out the scarves and hats again.

The weather has betrayed me today. Today was clear rain-washed skies and bright sunshine, and I was too hot in my jacket, and stifled in the office this afternoon. But the warmth is only a veneer. The breeze is brisk, and the leaves rattle impatiently. Some have begun to fall already; soon they will all turn russet and tan and golden in a rush, and my favourite season will really be here at last. It's time to hurry on with my jumper; I will need its warmth. Tonight I start a sleeve.

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