Thursday, 27 September 2007

I've got a little list

Of questions that have occurred to me today.
  1. Why do I only find out about interesting-sounding jobs the day after applications close?
  2. Why don't I install a mirror downstairs instead of using the reflection in the microwave door to check my hair?
  3. Why is it only Thursday? It feels like Friday. I'm sure it ought to be Friday
  4. How does that ginormous spider keep getting back into the sitting room when we've chucked him out of the front door at least three times?
  5. Who drank all the gin?
  6. Why aren't there any chocolate biscuits?
  7. Why did it take me so long to ask A at work who her driving instructor was?
  8. Why don't I go to the library more often?
  9. Why do they never have the first novel of any given series?
  10. And, having borrowed Hal Duncan's Ink, round about Sunday evening I'll be asking: where did my weekend go?


j said...

If you were to check that spider's passport, you would find that you have several members of the same tribe - the Scareyouhalftodeath species to be precise. They just take it in turns.

Gill said...

You've just reminded me of the giant spider that was in the gap between the shower and the wall-which is far too narrow for me to do anything about it. I've just gone and checked and it's not there anymore. I think that's worse, actually. It could be anywhere.

Vivienne said...

I had one of those between the washing machine and the cupboard under the sink for months. I have no idea where it ended up in the end.

Silas said...

There is a sure-fire method of persuading new spiders to leave fast... but it's rather disgusting. It's done by killing the first spider and leaving its corpse spread out on the wall. Horrible, but effective...

Silas said...

I forgot to mention earlier... I find they never have the second book of the trilogy.

In one case because it had yet to be published...