Wednesday, 26 September 2007

All sort-of kind-of

That's how I'm feeling. I can't settle down to anything this morning. There's a Big Important phone call supposed to be happening at 10, and when that's over I might feel a bit more together.

I knitted a whole sleeve cap last night. Stayed up past midnight to finish it. My life is just full of excitement these days. That leaves one sleeve and a picked-up neckband left to knit on the jumper, and suddenly an October 6th deadline doesn't look too bad. When I finish the jumper I think I want to try and empty my knitting bag of semi-completed projects. It's been rather fun knitting only one thing at a time, and I'd like to carry on. Once I dispose of the debris of months of self-indulgence, of course. Because I was Writing a Dissertation and it was Hard and I was felling Fragile I indulged myself in so many ways, anything that made me feel momentarily better and got me back to the desk and putting words onto paper. Didn't write quite as much as I wanted today? Cast on something new! That or eat an entire packet of jaffa cakes in a sitting, and knitting is slightly better for the waistline.

It seemed to help at the time; I finished the dissertation, after all. But now I feel burdened by the unfinished projects. Knitting is not relaxing when it takes several hours to decide what you want to pick up and knit tonight, when you know that whatever you do knit will be spoiled by the guilt about the ones you're not knitting. I want to reduce the load to one main project (jumper, lace, whatever - something that requires thought and doesn't like travelling) and ongoing plain socks that can be shoved in my handbag, or knitted during television programmes that I actually want to see. I also want to stop inhaling jaffa cakes, and wondering what happened to the full packet I had beside me a moment ago. It's a plan, and I like plans.


Big important phone call over. I think it may be sorted, but in the surreal world of utilities companies it's hard to tell. After all, we've just spent two years trying to persuade them that they do supply us, really they do, and we'd quite like a bill if you don't mind.

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