Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Staggering on to the very end

One thing this is not is a review of 2013. It was so monumentally foul a year for so many people that I'd really rather not go over it. For the first time in years I stayed up until midnight, rather in the spirit in which I've attended some funerals, to make sure the bugger was really dead.


I finished the Katie Morag jumper at about 11 o'clock the night before Christmas Eve. The knitting was smooth, but then I got an infected cut on my yarn-tensioning finger, then I trapped a nerve in my shoulder, then I started charting the yoke design and discovered just what it is we're paying designers to do, and decided knitting patterns would be cheap at four times the price.

All of which was worth it for the moment of awe-struck silence when she opened the parcel. I've hardly got it off her since, it badly needs blocking, but I think she likes it (she doesn't look terribly keen in this picture, but it was immediately before bedtime after a strenuous day of dancing, building houses, going to her imaginary school and going on one of the veryr eal bracing walks mummy insists on whatever the weather).
(Please do not ask me for the chart. Remember the Adipose saga? We know the BBC takes an interest in knitting based on its programmes, and while I'm fairly sure working it up for my own amusement is legal, passing it on decidedly wouldn't be, whether or not money changed hands. Also, it was very much last minute and on the fly and I'd want to do a lot of work before letting another knitter near it, and I don't have time).


One of them is to blog more. The others can wait, because the lights keep flickering, we've already had one brief powercut (while I screamed "No! WHAT ABOUT SHERLOCK?"), and I'd like to get this published.

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pat webster said...

Knitted an idrnticsl katie morag jumper gor my great granddaughter after designing it on a spreadsheet first. Now on another for her friend.