Sunday, 14 July 2013

International Knitting of Mystery

Because my life didn't involve enough challenges and deadlines, I decided it would be the perfect summer to join in a mystery knitalong (after all, what could possibly go wrong? Nobody's going to get ill, are they?)

So behold, Mysterious Knitting:
 The pattern is called Summer Storm (Ravelry link), and I've just started Clue 3 (after some frantic knitting yesterday to get to the end of Clue 2 - a poorly boy who wants to be held all day and all night does not leave much knitting time). I have absolutely no idea what's going to happen to the buttonband, which is still lacking two buttonholes. I do know there are going to be pockets (where the cream scrap yarn is now), and that the closure is asymmetrical.

I am using Yeoman Yarns DK Cotton in Sage (greener than it looks here), 3mm needles for the ribbing (including the buttonbands, hence the double pointed needles at the edges) and 3.5mm needles for the waffle stitch of the body, and the stitch definition when knitted this firmly is amazing:
It will scarcely need blocking.

The rest of this clue will complete the right hand side and the back, and have me joining the shoulders (I'll be doing a three needle cast off). On the 19th of July I find out how the whole thing is finished!

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