Saturday, 3 December 2011

Busy day


Today we, all three and a half of us, went to the local Christmas Fair. Mostly to hear Chris and his choir singing various Christmas songs (I thought they sounded lovely, he's still muttering about wrong notes, but it was a last minute booking and they had very little rehearsal time). They looked very smart in the freezing cold church:
Libby spent the time alternating between running up and down the aisle, and some very complicated dancing with much flapping of mittens. She did say she liked their music at the end though.

And we bought some Christmas decorations from the Norwegians who come over every year:
Wooden, so although breakable if Libby get too enthusiastic about them, not as dangerous as the glass baubles (still banished from our tree). There were a lot of knitted baubles too, most of which I recognised from Arne and Carlos' book, which I think I may well get. Two of the patterns are in the newest edition of The Knitter (with a fair isle tunic on the front, not the one that has a jumper with a rose-patterned yoke). Not breakable at all, and very festive.


I seem to have reached the reader's block stage of pregnancy again, although rather later than last time. In a wintry mood, I have been skimming through Icelandic Sagas, in a rather lovely Penguin edition with an introduction by Jane Smiley. I have also joined the DoveGreyReader's Team Middlemarch, as I'd been meaning to re-read it for several years. Far less intimidating read in small chunks, as originally published, and I'd forgotten just how easy to read a Great Book can be.

Gratuitous Libby Picture

I was checking that the new camera cable actually fitted the appropriate sockets, and she said "Libby camera smile", and did. I am partial, I admit, but the camera really does love her. Two years and one month old.

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