Friday, 5 February 2010


A little more than a year ago, the magazine Piecework had a beautiful baby bonnet by Alic Starmore on its front cover. I saw it and loved it, and immediately bought the kit from Virtual Yarns. And sat on it for quite a while, because first I was trying to get pregnant, then I was too superstitious to start it for a baby so nebulous, then I was too tired to think about it. Eventually I cast on, and in five days I had a not-so-little (I hoped, wincing in anticipation) bonnet for a baby head.

The kit came with a pattern for an adult beret too, which I firmly resolved to make, but never quite got to. And then I had a baby, and even her gigantic head was a little small for the bonnet at first. Then all of a sudden last month I noticed that she did fit the bonnet, and if I was ever to fulfill my dream of having matching mother-and-daughter hats, I needed to get knitting quite quickly.

Not quite the five days for the bonnet, more like a month later, and currently blocking on a dinner plate, we have a tam. Next time I am definitely weaving in ends as I go (2 hours yesterday, weaving). But so very very beautiful.


Sadie said...

Oh, those are both gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

How beautiful! I've saved the pattern, too..... just waiting for another grandbaby to appear. But I think I might need to do the adult tam right away! Did the pattern come with enough yarn for both or did you order extra?

Barbara M.

Vivienne said...

The kit came with full skeins of each colour, which was much more yarn than was needed for the bonnet, so they supplied the beret pattern for the leftovers. According to Virtual Yarns it was enough yarn for two bonnets and one beret - I've knitted one bonnet and one beret, and I could definitely knit another bonnet from what's left, and possibly another adult beret (but not both).