Sunday, 26 April 2009

Pretty Things

Not the wool (although that is definitely pretty - Fleece Artist sock wool in 'Mermaid', leftover from some gloves I knitted for myself a couple of years ago).

The needles - Lantern Moon Sox Stix (from Purlescence). Because my longer sock needles were proving awkward for tiny baby-sized socks. Yeah, very awkward. Practically impossible to work with.

Mostly because they're beautiful, and they come in a silk bag, and they're beautiful to knit with. And it took me weeks to decide that I was actually allowed to spend my birthday money on myself, rather than saving up for baby-gros, so when I spent it I decided to spend it in style.

There are an awful lot of utilitarian things in my life at the moment. Most of my clothing is held together with safety pins or contrivances of elastic, covered with jersey tubes to hide the half-zipped zips. I don't put together outfits in the morning, I ponder what still fits (but I'm not really big enough for proper maternity clothes yet). I don't plan delightful meals, I eat whatever doesn't make me sick today (and I don 't always get that right).

But my knitting needles are beautiful.

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Anonymous said...

That really is beautiful wool - I currently have three pairs of tights on the airing rack, in jade green, royal blue and episcopal purple, and I really want some wool in those colours!

Must find that swing dress pattern for you - I saw it the other day and meant to put it out to send, but it escaped again.