Thursday, 25 September 2008

Twilight Barking

I've mentioned blood donation before, and now Natalie is asking us to spread the word and encourage more donors.

I know that more than one of my regular readers can't donate for good reasons, but if you've ever pondered donating blood, please do more than ponder. I am reliably a total wuss about pain (L should spot that reference) and I don't find it painful. You get free tea and biscuits too, which has got to be an incentive in the current financial climate.


Silas said...

Sadly, neither side of the Atlantic will accept my blood now.

The Eastern side is scared of West Nile Disease, and enforces a 6-month waiting period.

The Western side is petrified of Mad Cow Disease, and enforces an All Your Life waiting period.

Why did the swirly letters thing double in length when I signed in? Blasted thing...

Anonymous said...

I know exactly who said it (and in whose version), though I couldn't pinpoint where. I suspect it wasn't true, though.