Monday, 1 September 2008

First of September - official start of the spider season.

Score so far - one giant scooped up from the 'landing' (so-called by the estate agents, really just a square of carpet at the top of the stairs) and defenestrated. By Chris, because I was too busy wibbling (it's been a trying day).


Silas said...

We have a very efficient spider-removal system.

Sheba eats them.

Vivienne said...

Sadly, the landlord won't allow cats. I wonder if I could borrow next door's (which lives in our garden anyway)?

Gill said...

TOday at work I was carrying a box of oranges when I felt something tickle my hand. I couldn't see my hand as it was under the box but when the tickling stopped there was a big spider on the floor. Eurgh.

And then I had to get rid of it because nobody else would go near it. I was instructed to take it at least a street away before releasing it.