Saturday, 5 July 2008


Very briefly at home before a course in London on Monday. Ilkley was fantastic. We stayed here, and would thoroughly recommend it.
Five minutes walk (uphill. Very uphill) gave us this view. There were some extremely dishevelled sheep.
There was the shock of discovering that the centre of Bradford appears to have been turned into a big hole in the ground since the last time I saw it.
It's a very impressive hole in the ground. On the left of the picture you can see the Cathedral. If you walk up the road beside it (uphill. Very uphill) you get to the incomparable Texere. Which I did. I could have gone very mad in there, but I didn't (because I knew who would have to carry the suitcase on the way home). Just a 500 gramme cone of 4-ply (for a Thermal) and 2400 metres of cream laceweight, for no particular purpose yet.

There were also a couple of trips to Duttons for Buttons (handily located in Ilkley itself), where the choice is overwhelming. And some kknitting. I had slightly hoped to have done with the Big Heap of Red Fuzz, but not quite. However, it is at least garment-shaped now, and shedding like a cat in moult. I look as if I have acquired a burgundy Persian cat.
If anyone who knows me is curious as to why I own a garment quite as pink as the underneath top, it is part of pyjamas. I wouldn't wear it in public.

Finally, Chris found this kneeler in Wakefield Cathedral and photographed it for me.
Not that local government feels very peaceful at the moment. More tense, as we await the Big Announcement on Monday.


Silas said...

I shall have to bear that place in mind for when Kendra and I can manage to get to the UK for a holiday... Kendra needs to see the North.

Anonymous said...

I've just spent ages staring at that kneeler trying to work out why it says "legal goner" and what the last word is.

Mind you, I'm not sure realising that it says "local government" leaves me much the wiser.