Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Life and stuff

A week went by. I had a Landlord's Inspection thrown at me (one of the disagreeable rituals of side-stepping the property ladder) so the house is unwontedly tidy. Come and visit now, it won't last. I had a Special Project passed to me at work too. Rather flatteringly, they seemed to think I am the only person in the organisation with the necessary skills. Not true, I could name you the other, but she's in a different department and unlikely to be released for the time necessary to get this done. I also discovered the lovely phrase "teflon desk", for the super-delegators amongst us. I wish I had one of those, instead of the little sign saying "good at time-consuming tasks needing extreme attention to detail". And whilst most of the time I am glad to be a woman, proud of my womanliness, not in the least resentful if those born with dangly bits, last night I had one of those nights that makes me start looking for the end of the queue for testicles. Ibuprofen and a hot water bottle cure most things eventually, but a little more sleep would have been good.

On the plus side, I have three quarters of a lace scarf. Will I get it knitted and blocked in time to wear it on my trip Down South in a week and a half's time? Possibly, if I can stay awake.

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Anonymous said...

The opposite of a teflon desk is presumably a velcro desk. I think I've got one.