Sunday, 24 February 2008

Spring is here ...

And I planted primroses yesterday. They looked a little shell-shocked this morning, but the slugs didn't seem to have found them yet. I also discovered an unexpected crocus in a corner by the shed, which is certainly none of my doing. Every autumn I resolve to scatter the lawn with crocus bulbs, but the season for bulb-planting passes long before I get around to doing anything about it.

This is the third Sunday in a row that I have featured garden pictures. Partly this is a consequence of the run of sunny Sunday mornings this month (it was far brighter this morning than the photos suggest), and partly because I have done more gardening this month than I managed all last year, and I am feeling rather proud of myself. It isn't remotely an attempt to distract you from lack of knitting, because knitting also proceeds apace.

I have just started the second ball, and it is time I thought about the matching hat I threatened. Originally I meant matching as in using the same yarn, not anything closer, but I have had an idea for a hat which would echo the design of the scarf. I'm not sure it will work, and I'm fairly certain I'd never be able to explain it if it did, but I mean to try.

Most depressing sight of the week

A girl of 10 or 11 on the bus, carrying her PE kit to school in a bag which read "WAG in training". (A WAG is the wife or girlfriend of an England footballer, for those who were blissfully unaware. They are famous for their boyfriends, for extremely labour-intensive glamour and for going shopping. Apparently this can be a career).


Helen said...

It's probably a very well-paid career too, much better than those ones which require us to study for years and acquire professional qualifications, but we console ourselves, or at least I do, with the thought that it can be very short-lived.
That Tilted Blocks scarf is looking just fabulous. Are you going to do a jagged edge hat?

Anonymous said...

Plus ca change. Have you read Courtesans, by Katie Hickman? (not as good as Daughters of Britannia, but still worth the read.) The first woman she looks at, Sophia Baddely, was almost exactly the forerunner of the WAG, with a truly awe-inspiring capacity for shopping.

She died in a garret, of course.