Monday, 14 January 2008

I don't just knit

I also embroider pictures of women knitting. At least, I've always imagined that she is knitting, sitting by her canal on a grey Danish winter day.

I've been trying to photograph my embroidery lately. I did this picture three or four years ago. It really is tiny; the frame is about 6 inches square and the picture itself more like 3 inches. It's a Permin of Copenhagen design (which is why I think of the canal as Danish).

Perhaps she isn't knitting. Perhaps it just a handbag she is holding. She might be one of those elderly ladies who wear fur coats and huge amber beads, and sit on benches smoking cigars. But I like to think that she is knitting.

1 comment:

knititch said...

is that danish ladies wearing those outfits??? i think you are almost right. we have that. and surely a danish canal. i might even have been sitting knitting in that exact spot.

oh i am glad that you like to be tempted into buying music.