Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New Year

I can be a lot more certain of what I knitted over the past year than I was of what I read, because I have been keeping track in a dedicated notebook. On the first of January 2007 I had on the needles a pair of socks for Chris, a Rogue, and a River Stole, i.e. the one garment, one pair of socks and one piece of lace I have been struggling to get back to ever since. They were completed by March (although it took me until the end of August to block the stole, and I still haven't managed to photograph it). In the course of 2007 I cast on and completed one hat, two pairs of gloves, two shawls, three jumpers (one sleeveless, and one baby-sized), four squares for blankets for the families of Utah miners, five scarves of varying lengths (I wear scarves a lot) and seven pairs of socks. That is a grand total of 24 items (not including those ripped out) that belong entirely to 2007, which was a year when I felt I was hardly getting any knitting done.

On the needles today I have my Gothic Hap (technically not on the needles, as I have finished the centre square and have yet to pick up for the borders), the lace Skater's Over Top from 'Knitting Classic Style', and a Gretel beret, which is advancing so fast that any photographs are out of date long before I get around to moving them from the camera onto the computer. Three items again. I have had a request for a new scarf from Chris, which I want to do as a birthday present. I ought to get a move on, because the awful date is the eighth of January, and even aran weight takes a little time to knit.

I also have a vast pan of Bolognese sauce bubbling, part of my New Year's intention to be more efficient about freezing meals, as befits my new status as a full time worker. I need a hair cut, so as soon as the heating has kicked in and taken the chill off the bathroom I will go upstairs and get out the scissors.

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Helen said...

Happy new year, and happy reading, and happy knitting. I read As Meat Loves Salt after your recommendation, and was very concerned when Jacob Cullen boarded ship for the New World. I don't think we've heard the end of him.