Friday, 21 December 2007

Sorry, what was that you said?

Anything you do more than once at Christmas is a Tradition, so here is a new one of ours.

The King William's College Quiz 2007

This is set for the schoolboys of King William's College on the Isle of Man. They are allowed to use reference books (the Latin phrase at the top can be very roughly translated as "knowing where to look things up is the greatest part of learning"), and in this day and age that surely includes Google. Knowing what to google for each question is another matter entirely. The questions have quite a lot in common with cryptic crossword clues. It is helpful to know that each round has a theme, and if you can identify that it becomes a lot easier. Round 12, for example, involves hymns.

Last year the combined efforts of 10 people, Google and the finest brains of the Guardian's talkboards got us about 75% of the answers between us. We're hoping for better luck this year.

The answers are published in January.

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sarahls said...

I've not actually spoken to you for ages. Your mum told me to look up your blog. What was initially going to be a short browse turned into a full blown read. I'm impressed. In fact so much so, that might just start my own.
Anyway good luck with all your ongoing knitting projects, well done with your Masters oh and last but not least Merry Christmas.