Thursday, 13 December 2007

Old News

People who know me in other contexts will probably already know this, but it is now official enough to be announced. I have a new job. From the beginning of January I will cease being a part time Typist and become a full time Legal Assistant, still with the same employer, for 12 months (or possibly longer if it takes off, which I sincerely hope it does). It's a slight promotion as well as extra hours, which will make a big difference to my income. It will also, inevitably, make a big difference to my amount of spare time. I have no intention of giving up blogging, but I might not be able to post quite as frequently. We shall see. At the moment I'm overwhelmed with excitement about actually getting the job, and for the first time in several years really looking forward to the Christmas break, knowing that I won't be going back to a job which has been less than stimulating.

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