Thursday, 8 November 2007


This area is on a severe flood warning.

Chris and I came past the river on a bus back from Norwich an hour or so ago, and remarked to each other how high the water was, almost brimming over the defences. We assumed it was high tide then.

It wasn't. It's 19.41 as I type. High tide is 20.27. The pressure is low. The winds are strong.

We will be fine. We live on (relatively) high ground. A year or so ago I was chatting with the man whose job it is to know these things at the local Council, and he said our house should be fine in the highest of tides. I'm not remotely smug or satisfied, because I know far too many people won't be so lucky tonight. But we are fine (and are sleeping with the insurance documents and passports next to out bed, just to make sure nothing happens to us).

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